evaporative coolers home climate control health south africa evaporative coolers home climate control health south africa evaporative coolers home climate control health south africa

evaporative coolers home climate control health south africa
evaporative coolers are good for your health -bravis south africa
evaporative coolers home climate control health south africa
evaporative coolers home climate control health south africa
evaporative coolers home climate control health south africa

Question Are evaporative coolers good for your health?
Answer: They are very good for your health. They clean the air, they use 100% fresh air, they do not dry the air out like refrigerated machines, they maintain a very healthy level of moisture which is good, not only for people, but also for furniture, flowers, books etc., and..... they do not create static electricity in the floor coverings.

Many asthma sufferers get great relief by using evaporative air coolers.

Question Does it increase the humidity?
Answer: Yes, the humidity will increase slightly, but it will not be evident unless you close the room up.

The room must never be closed up - leave it open to enjoy the fresh cool air, and you will never notice the small increase in humidity.

Increased humidity is beneficial - firstly, at low temperatures, humidity increases the feeling of coolness and secondly, a very dry atmosphere causes distress, overworking the humidifying action of the nasal passages and humidity will solve these concerns.

Question How do you fill it with water?
Answer: The installed coolers are connected permanently to the water supply and a float valve controls the water level.

Question How does an evaporative air cooler work?
Answer: A pump circulates water from a reservoir into a Celdek filter pad so that it becomes saturated with water. A fan draws warm air from outside and forces it through the wet pad. As the air passes through the pad it gets cooled by evaporation. The objective is to achieve as much cooling as possible, and Brivis have the highest cooling performance of any such air cooler in the world.

Question How much maintenance does it need?
Answer: Very little. Depending on the degree of pollution in the environment (mainly dust and dirt) you will only need to clean the water reservoir at the end of each season, more often in very dirty areas. The special 100mm Celdek Filter Pad will need cleaning too and eventually it will need to be replaced - we recommend every 6 years, but many Filter Pads last much longer. Just take the pads out and gently hose them off.

Question How much water does an evaporative cooler use?
Answer: The amount of water an evaporative cooler uses is dependant on the evaporation rate of the coolers pads.

The more water the cooler can evaporate for a given condition and airflow, the more cooling potential the cooler has. The evaporation rate varies depending on the current weather conditions, the size of the cooler, the speed of the coolers fan or the velocity of the air through the pads, and the condition and type of the filter pad material.

In addition to the cooler evaporating water, water is also displaced to maintain the water quality within the cooler so that the coolers pads and other components do not deteriorate prematurely.

The water consumption is approximately:

AD15 - 17 litres per hour

AD25 - 17 litres per hour

AD35 - 26 litres per hour

AD45 - 33 litres per hour

AD55 - 44 litres per hour

Question How much will it cost me to have the system installed?
Answer: An exact answer is not possible without sizing and surveying your home.

Brivis can install, and a Brivis consultant will be happy to recommend an approved installer in your area that will help you.

A typical installation price per unit would cost around R20,000 to R30,000, exclusive of VAT.but this is dependant upon the type of unit chosen, duct work involved and complexity of the installation.

Question How much will it reduce the temperature?
Answer: That depends on the temperature and humidity of the ambient air.

Referring to the “Evaporative air cooler supply temperature chart (90% efficiency)” you will get the answer for specific ambient conditions.

For example, at a temperature of 30°C and a humidity of 40% the air supply will be at ±20.4°C - a drop in temperature of 9.6 degrees.

Question Some of my outlets are not operating, ie hot air only blowing out of some of my outlets, what could be causing this?
Answer: Some of the ducts may have collapsed, or come apart.

If this problem has occurred, you should call Brivis and we will be happy to arrange a service technician to carry out the repairs.

Or, if the installation is out of warranty, call your local plumber, or reconnect the ducts yourself with ducting tape.

Question What models are available?
Answer: Below is a table of the Brivis models available, showing the volume of air, motor size and operating weight for each model:

Model Volume (m³/hr) Volume (cfm) Motor Size (Watts) Dry Weight (kg)
AD15 8,500 4,999 315 42
AD25 10,500 6,175 315 42
AD35 12,500 7,351 750 42
AD45 14,500 8,528 750 44
AD55 16,500 9,704 750 44

All the above models are only available in down discharge configurations.

All the above units are only available with Celdek 100mm filter media

The correct model and number of units will be selected based on your requirements and situation.

Whether you’re concerned about efficiency and reliability, installation and maintenance, or the actual running cost, our specialists at Brivis South Africa make it their business to have all the answers.

Question What is the maximum recommended humidity?
Answer: For good results we need a maximum relative humidity at the hottest part of the day of about 60%. This will provide a temperature reduction of about 5°C.

Question What is the power consumption?
Answer: It varies from model to model, but in comparison with refrigerated systems, evaporative air coolers use about one tenth of the electrical energy, - so they are very inexpensive to operate.

Approximately R0.40cents per running hour at full load

Question Why must the room be left open?
Answer: For best results, always allow the air from the cooler to flow through the room. This ensures that you get a constant supply of fresh cool air and that the warm and stale air is pushed out.

Question Will the cooler work in high humidity areas?
Answer: Yes, but to a lesser extent.

In high humidity conditions the amount of evaporation is reduced. It is the evaporation that produces the cooling.

When evaporation occurs the water is dissolved into the air as a vapour - you cannot see it, but it is there. When the air has a high humidity it already has large amounts of vapour, so we cannot dissolve much more water and this reduces the amount of evaporation that can occur.
evaporative coolers home climate control health south africa
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